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  • Kayla Roberson

You Loved Me, But You Left Me.

Growing up I was always a daddy’s girl, there was nothing he could do that was wrong in my eyes. He was my super dad, my hero. At the age of nine my dad chose a lifestyle of drugs that caused him to walk out on his wife and three daughters. Even now in my adult life I can still replay in my head how I felt during that time.

My dad had broken my heart and disappointed me. I can remember asking myself the questions of why and what did I do? I felt like he did not love me, because if he loved me, he would change, or he would kick his habit to be here for me. There is no way he could love me; he left me. At this early age I had so many different emotions I was processing in my head. I had never questioned his love for me until this point. It was not until about six years ago, that I accepted that I would never understand why my dad made the choices he made, but most importantly I freed myself of feeling like him leaving was my fault.

As a mother I have strived to make sure I am always present in my daughter’s life through anything she endures, the good, bad, and ugly. I will always have her back and she will always know that she is loved by her parents. Remember that you are always loved; no matter who or what walks out of your life.

-Auntie Kayla

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