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Why is Compassion so Important.

To sit and think about what it will cost you to help someone other than yourself. Have you given any thought as to why, having compassion for someone else is so wonderful and important; and why is it important and valuable to have compassion and empathy and understanding the difference?

To live and work with the pressures of understanding and that having compassion is not the same as having empathy for someone. Compassion means to suffer together - A feeling that arises when you are confronted with another's suffering and feeling motivated to relieve that, while they are suffering; you jump in and try to relieve them of their pain and lack.

Having compassion is when you relate to someone’s situation, and you want to help them. You see someone in trouble, and you feel like lending a helping hand. It's difficult to see someone you care for suffering and not assist them or lend a helping hand whether they ask or not. When your heart is pure and you are not looking for something to gain, then you help without them even asking. Be sensitive to the spirit and not look at the situation as to asking who, what, when or where when you make a conscious decision to help them. Your ultimate goal is to make things better so they can be relieved of some of the things they may be lacking.

Showing compassion that comes from the heart is received with a heart of gratitude. When you fill empathy towards someone it’s an understanding of our shared human kindness and love toward each other. It’s the ability to see yourself in another person’s shoes. Compassion adds another dimension of a desire to help. As individuals, our empathetic emotions and compassionate emotions are crucial. Knowing the difference will help you to determine your effects on your happiness, your state of mind, and your overall well-being. Live a life full of compassion and empathy for each other. When we live life being there for each other then complete healing can come full circle.

~Coach Erica

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