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  • Kayla Roberson

Who Are You Connected To?

Our souls consist of our mind, character, thoughts, and emotions. It’s the one place that is affected by negative things and people. We must guard our hearts so that we don’t allow our soul to become agitated and confused. Maintaining daily balance and peace, helps to keep me from feeling anxious and stressed about the cares of life, especially the things that I have no control over. It’s important to constantly evaluate your personal environment. We must make sure we are surrounding ourselves with people who are adding value to our lives physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. In Proverbs 27:17 it says that iron sharpens iron, and we must make sure that we are connected to people who can pour into us and vice versa. God’s wants us to build loving and thriving relationships with those we are connected to. We must not be afraid or feel guilty about ending relationships, creating distance, and sticking to our boundaries in order to keep our souls at peace. Surrounding yourself with people who support, believe, and encourage you is important. This will allow you to keep pushing and believing in what God has put inside of you to be. So, I ask you to take the time to evaluate who you are connected to. Are there more negative interactions than positive? Are they in a place that you’re striving to go or be one day, and are they willing to help you get there? Are you adding value to them in any way? If you’re not connected to the right people, it can cause you to waste time in life and not be successful in the areas you desire. Be intentional about who you are connected to.

Coach K

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