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Who Am I - Knowing Who We Are

Do you ever have days where you feel like you don’t know who you are anymore? Some days people, life and events get in the way of our ‘knowing’ and we find ourselves wondering at the end of the day. You will hear people even say, “I need to find myself, my inner self again!”

“Who am I?”

“Why am I here?”

“What am I supposed to be doing?”

Those are the days we need reminding, that we are part of something bigger, something connected to a bigger purpose or meaning.

I believe Every experience is actually an experience of self-realization. In each and every experience, we are realizing a capacity or aspect of our soul, a capability, and by extension, an aspect of our true nature as (of) being. Since ‘Being,’ is a part of every experience and an experience of being. Every experience adds to the totality of our understanding and realization of our true nature and others around us. There is no other possibility for energy draws and connects to energy; good and bad. This can become a dilemma if we believe there is a better, truer, more spiritual aspect of our Being that we want to be realizing or not realizing.

What if pain, grief, sadness, fear, and confusion, are all a part of our true nature, along with all the peace, love, joy, and gratitude that are also part of ‘Being?’ In waiting and hoping for a better experience, we may lose sight of the significance of our present moment experience, just as it is. It isn’t that anger and greed are equivalent to peace and happiness, but every experience has its own significance. Every experience is an experience of our true nature and a learning process to empower ourselves on a grander scale of self- realization. The experiences that we may reject because we think they aren’t the correct experience; may actually be made up of the same joy, and love we find in searching for “Who Am I’

What if every experience is a unique gem of our multifaceted Being? (Something I like to call ‘Soul Contracts’ I won’t go into this now but can at a later time.) What if every experience adds to the abundance of our soul and moves us toward the greatness of our true nature? What if what you are experiencing right now is unfolding your self-realization in the most amazing, unique and predestined way? Maybe every soul’s realization of true nature is meant to unfold in a completely unique way so that every soul’s experience can also add to the experience of the ‘One Being’ that all souls are a part of; just as every experience adds to the richness of your soul and the souls of others?

Coach G

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