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Where The Money Resides

The year was 2020, and the catchphrase “where the money resides” took the internet by storm. There was a man by the name of Durell Smylie (Relly B) who posted a viral video as he was trying to sell cars during the pandemic, and came up with this catchy jingle. So catchy that it blew him right into fame! Durell was just making videos to bring in business to his dealership during a slow period, little did he know that it would spark such a movement. I’m sure that he also didn’t realize that this hidden talent would actually take him where the money actually resides!

This young man started posting daily videos for one job, selling cars. But in doing so, he was able to birth out more gifts and talents that he may not have known to even “reside” within him! I'm sure that he didn’t wake up knowing that his social life was going to change as it would, but he was bold enough to step out on an idea (from God) and look what happened. I shared all of that to say that your appetite will certainly change when you are truly hungry for something.

We can say out of our mouths that we want to be where the money resides, but are we really doing all that we can to get there? When I say WE, I mean me as well! What gifts/talents have been placed in your hands that were designed to take you straight to the money residence? Are you really willing to do what it takes, or even look foolish before others to get there? I encourage you to read the story of the talents, in Matthew 25:14-30. It’s a parable that shows the importance of duplicating what God entrusts your hands with!

I know in my heart that I have a desire to be enroute to the residence of the money, but am I doing all that I know I can do to get there? You must ask yourself that same question! What God places in our hands, we have been given the power to duplicate and multiply, but it also depends on where your faith lies! So, get up, make the video, write the song, finish the book etc.! In 2023, we will all be “where the money resides”!

~Coach B

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