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Where the Money Resides

We oftentimes are seeking success and extra income and we are scrambling on how to make it happen. The word of God tells us that he will give our hands power to get wealth and he will give us witty ideas/inventions. We must tap into our God-given ability to be successful. God has blessed us all with gifts and talents, and they are meant to be used to serve others around us. Throughout life, it’s our job to be able to identify and understand what and how we should be using these gifts. I have encountered people who have told me that they have known from a young child what their gifts were, and some who still say they haven’t figured out what their gifts and talents are. Well, as for me it was later in life, like much much later, like only just a few years ago, lol!

Although I’m speaking in a joking manner, I’m serious too. What I've discovered is that the identity and understanding of my gifts were tied to my relationship with God, (somebody will catch that next week). It's not until you start to seek who God truly is in your life, which will lead to understanding your purpose, and then you can identify how to use your gift and talents. So I challenge you to look deep within yourself and tap into what you have on the inside that you can use to start your journey to being successful and financially free. We all have something on the inside of us that someone needs or that we can capitalize on. Stop letting fear and doubt rob you of what God has put inside of you. Proverbs 18:16 states a man's room maketh room for him, and not that it is all about money, but that is an added benefit along with bringing you into the company of those who are critical for your success and destiny.

~Coach K

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