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Where the Money Resides

Where the money resides, where the money resides, where the money resides!!! Hey!!!

Money resides with those who understand the power and use of money. Those who have money understands the power money awards you when it comes to communicating with others to obtain things that is needed for survival or pleasure. When you have a good handle of your finances life tends to be less stressful. Having enough money gives you power over yourself. Money gives you choices.

Choices give you power and power helps you to understand the purpose for money. Understanding the purpose of money will cause you to see how money relates to God's work in your life and your community to aide and assist others. Money attaches to those who understands the purpose, power and the authority of money. The purpose of money is for your basic needs, money speaks to confirm direction, and money is available to give to those in need, money is a gift that illustrate God's power and care in provision and when you understand the purpose of money and how to fully use it purposefully, then you will know where the money resides.

~Coach Erica

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