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  • Erica Roberts

When Loving You Is Wrong

It’s an amazing feeling to be in love and to be loved by somebody. The old song says, “If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right!” Do you really know what love is, or how to love and not let your love become addictive?

Relationships are amazing and wonderful when you are in love with someone who completes you. Loving someone is medicine for the soul and true love is what we need to survive. Unhealthy relationships can turn into addictions, and issues of life can quickly turn into being addicted to the wrong love. Staying in bad relationships is painful, whether it is emotional or physical from someone who has some form of emotional issues that they have not gotten help for and they try to become someone who they can prey on to be their “god”. When you stay in a hurtful relationship out of fear or abandonment or loneliness is a sign of addiction, it can mirror love because of the behavior of the one who is emotionally unstable. Don’t fall victim to being in a situation where you are falling for someone who can not commit to a true partnership because they are emotionally unavailable, and they repeatedly show moments of when they are fearful of showing intimacy in private but when you are out in the public they pretend as if you are their world and can’t get enough of you.

How do you stop being addicted to love?

When you are fully aware of who you are choosing to become romantic with and knowing the difference of being a part of a dysfunctional relationship, know and recognize the signs from your past. Take the time to get to know people who treat you with respect and those who treat you with love and who make you feel good to be around them. Surround yourself with someone who are compassionate and kind towards you and who brings something to the relationship besides their need to release sexually pressure.

When you are addicted to loving the wrong person, you will never feel safe with them. They will never listen to you and be in a position to listen to where they will understand how you truly feel when you are expressing your feelings instead, they will try to change you. Loving the wrong person will never encourage you to become a better version of you and to become an entrepreneur.

Loving the wrong person, you won't be able to trust each other, communication will never be easy, and as a couple you will never be able to collaborate or compromise.

The key to life is falling in love with the right person, loving the one who has been created to love you, will leave you feeling surprised, like you will never see the abundance of love coming. Loving the right person will cause the both of you to become better humans. Aaliyah wrote a song, “(At Your Best) You Are Loved,” You will love without conditions; they will listen to you and really hear you and you hear them. When you love someone, they will love you for who you are and want to spend all their days and nights with you. When love is real, they will fight for you, during your storms they will hang on to you, and never leave you alone. Loving the right person, they will make you feel beautiful and safe, you will be able to trust them and not always look over your shoulders with the fear of them leaving you. Finding someone who loves you doesn’t mean your relationship will be without bumps, but it will be worth fighting for. There are no perfect people or relationships but having someone who loves you, understands you and wants to show you how much they love you not only in words but with their actions is one to keep and love. Pray and tell God what you want in a person, and you prepare yourself to give the same love you want from someone. Having a relationship with the one you love is work, and you get out of it what you put in it. Anything worth having requires work. Faith without works is dead, Love without work is dead. Love to Live!!!

Coach Erica

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