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What is in a Name?

My understanding of ‘What’s in a name’ is that names hold no definition over what kind of person the owner of the name is or shall become. That is to say, names do not define who we are, but rather our actions do. Names were given to us from before anyone could know what personality traits we would exhibit, before we decided our beliefs, before our capability to express ourselves using words. Names weren’t selected based on the person we were or are going to turn out to be, and they therefore cannot define us as people. Tying into that thought brings to mind the phrase from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliette “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”. It suggests that a rose, no matter what one calls it, is still fundamentally a rose. It would smell the same, even if someone called it, say a daffodil.

To me this phrase means that external labels or titles given to you do not change your true essence. This truth can be applied to human existence also. The soul of every human being is eternal and immortal consciousness. The external body, mind, senses, and identity are created to realize it. In the journey of self realization, one accumulates many memories, beliefs and false impressions and gets stuck in the illusion called Life. But for the seeker who has touched his pure soul, the external self is just a Name. And just like a Rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Whatever is the external factor, the pure soul of every human being would always be the same; name or not. Self-awareness is the ability to know who we are at a core level. Through self-awareness the name becomes unimportant and purpose takes it place.

I believe that in the Spiritual Realm this also means there’s no way to hide your true self from others in the afterlife. If your name exposes who you truly are, what “belongs to, exists with, or resides in” you, then your true inner self is laid bare the moment you’re introduced. There we find ourselves very much at home with people who care about each other and love what we truly care about and love. There is no deception by name or any other title man has given to one another, places or things. This is probably enough to ponder for now.

Coach Sharon G

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