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  • Sabrina Bordley

What Happened to You?

The question that often crosses our minds when we see those whom we have not seen in a while is; what happened to you? Now that question could be spent more than one way. It could either be a negative or a positive but in this scenario it will be spent as a positive. Our topic of discussion is based on the fact that when we finally figure out who we truly are we no longer struggle with our identities. No longer are we perplexed with the idea that, "I need to be who others think that I am." This allows us to relinquish the facade that we need the approval of others in order to live our lives.

False impressions and judgement can lead the way in confusion. Causing many of us finding ourselves, to ask ourselves; Who am I? Now at this point I can only imagine what you must be thinking. You must be thinking, "she has now asked two questions." What happened to you? and Who am I? Follow me if you will for just a moment. What happened to me was, I found out that I no longer needed a pat on the back, an invitation nor an approval. What happened to me was, all the curses that were spoken over me were broken because I serve a REAL GOD! What happened to me was, I blocked out all of the naysayers and found out Who I was!

No longer am I confused, frustrated or intimidated. No longer am I searching for myself in another person. There is no crisis because I found my identity. It took me a while to get here but now that I am here, I plan to remain RIGHT HERE! You too can find you! All you have to do is go the mirror, close your eyes, take a deep breath, open your eyes and SMILE! There you are, yep! The whole entire you!

Still having an issue? Let's chat some time and discuss it further.

-Coach Sabrina B.

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