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  • Sabrina Bordley

What are they calling you?

When we leave the presence of people often times the conversation continues. But my question today is, what do they call you when you are not around? What are they saying about you when your back in turned? Go with me for just a moment. I don't want you all to get to caught up in the conversation but more so on the name. I have found that in this day and time many people want to be known by a name but that name was not assigned nor was it ordained. Allow me the opportunity to provide you all a real life example.

When I first began this Ministry, it was called something totally different and I had taken on the personification of the name, "Blogging with Auntie B.", if you have followed us for a while then you are well aware of how quickly we transitioned into The Coaches. The idea was good but it was not God and for this cause I quickly understood that the move was necessary in order to fulfill the purpose. I find it funny sometimes how we latch on to certain things, titles and people before really consulting our Father on what we really should be doing. It took one person to call me Auntie and I felt that was the end all be all.

But I was posed with a question, "WHO CALLED YOU THAT?" At first I was shocked and didn't quite understand and then God began to reveal. He said, "do you remember when I called out to Adam and he told me he was naked and I asked him, "who told you that?" God asked me, "who told you that? who told you that should be your name?" Whew...I know, heavy right? It did not take me long to realize that the name I was answering to was not the name that I was given. CATCH THAT IN THE SPIRIT!!!

Your name carries weight and therefore should be handled with care!

-Coach Sabrina B.

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