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Trying to find Daddy’s Love

Every girl wants to be Daddy's little girl. This was the case for me, trying to find Daddy’s love caused me to be addicted to the wrong type of love. Not really understanding that this chase was about to bring a major change in my life. Trying to fill a void caused me to look for love in all the wrong places. At the age of 16 I begin to yearn for that love that every little girl longs to have My Daddy's Love. Wondering why this pain was so severe? Let me introduce you into my world of addiction. It was tall, dark and handsome.

This addiction caused me to lose who I was, because I was so caught up in a fantasy that reality was so far from my mind. Longing to have that void filled. I took what I thought was love to begin to build a life with my addiction not caring what others said or felt. Not evening listening to what the spirit of God was saying because I wanted what I wanted chasing a love I was yearning for so bad. It was causing me to sink deeper and deeper. Have you ever been there? This addiction caused me to be abused mentality because of the manipulation that would take place, the blame game I cheated because you are too clingy, or you are not performing as a wife should, so I took the cheating, women getting pregnant late nights hanging or not coming home at all. Why because I was so afraid to lose what I thought was true love and didn't want my kids to feel this pain. The addiction caused me to isolate myself at times because I didn’t want to be the laughing stock of family and friends. I would blame myself and ask what do I have to do to make it right. All along not even knowing this addiction was draining me mentally, physically, and spiritually because I was trying to find Daddy's love in my god, I had created in my fantasy world not in the True Living God.

How did I overcome this addiction; ‘Glad you asked.’

It took Jesus to help me overcome this addiction. I kept getting hurt until I realized I was addicted to the wrong type of love because I was trying to fill this void of my dad's love. I had to be real with myself and ask God to help me kick this habit, it wasn’t easy but I was willing to do it. I went to counseling to understand how and why I got here. I repented and asked God to forgive me. Then I forgave myself. I begin to pick up the pieces and move forward realizing I didn’t have to try to find a daddy's love, I already had it. I just needed to invite My daddy in; let Him sit with me and begin to fill the void, and heal me. But I had to put in the work and be willing to be open, and honest. You too can be free of ‘Trying to find A Daddy's Love.’

-Coach Sherise

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