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Ties That Bind - A Restless Soul

My soul is naturally inquisitive and that restlessness is what compelled me to seek balance and discover what causes suffering and figure out how to eliminate it. Thirst, desire, and longings I believe are the causes of suffering, however, I hold no attachments to what I thirst, desire, or long for. I recognize that nothing is permanent or perfect, and that nothing will offer eternal happiness, satisfaction, or fulfillment like Jesus Christ can. Therefore, I don’t perceive my desires to be delusional, and this awareness allows me to embrace my restlessness.

Right view: I live free from attachment and wholeheartedly aspire to improve myself and refrain from indulging in resentment and hatred.

Right speech: I do my best to pursue my dreams with a positive outlook and without using harmful or untrue speech that may cause suffering to myself or others.

Right action: I adhere to nonviolence and have no materialistic or monetary desires or attachments, and abstain from acting immorally, or disrespectfully, toward myself or others.

Right livelihood: I carry out my work compassionately and with respect for all living creatures, and try not to violate or negatively impact others.

Right mindfulness: I am aware, mindful, and pay attention so that I do not become distracted by greed or superficial conveniences that compromise my beliefs and provide instant-gratification.

Right concentration: I meditate daily to reach enlightenment and to quiet and empty my mind so that my cravings do not influence me to spend time and energy indulging in thoughts or activities that are not beneficial and ideally should be avoided.

I remind myself to have patience so that I don’t resort to extreme action to satisfy my soul’s rumbling. At times though, my longings grow so strong that I feel like recklessly discarding everything I’ve worked for, cutting loose from all that binds me, and traveling barefoot with nothing but paper and pen, just trusting in wherever my aching soul takes me. However, I rationalize and choose ways of incorporating these longings into my work so that I can wander freely while remaining grounded, knowing that I do not need to abandon what I currently have in order to gain what my soul thinks it needs.

Coach Sharon

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