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Think before you Speak.

Growing up, I was always a talker. My mom said at two years old I could hold a whole conversation with someone. I loved to talk, ask questions, and challenge people’s thoughts. I’ve always been that person that was always very outspoken and will tell you what was on my mind in a heartbeat. As I got older, I started to understand I needed to be more aware of the feelings of others, and I became more mindful of my words and how I used them. I began to think before I said certain things. I got more acquainted with the art of listening. My mom used to tell me if you listen and pay attention to a person they will tell you everything you need to know about them. I didn’t understand it when she said it, but oh boy, I indeed understand exactly what she meant now.

Our words are so powerful, they have energy behind them. Words can influence others, determine the outcome of circumstances, they can create negative or positive perceptions, and most importantly they shape our behaviors. Having the ability to tame our tongue and be mindful of what and how we speak not only to others but to ourselves is key to having healthy relationships.

Coach K

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