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There’s Power In My Name

What’s in a name? When you think about a name, that’s what identifies a person. This is also how the world identifies that person because naturally we are addressed by our names. Often times when parents name their children there is some sort of meaning behind it. Whether it’s biblically or a family name that’s passed down, they all have some significance to them. For example, my name is Bennecia, there’s no written significance to my knowledge. But I am named after my father Benny, hence Benn(ecia). So, in essence I carry both my father’s first and last name! This also means because of my name that I am entitled to certain things as an inheritance, just because of who my father is!

The mere fact that I was born into relationship with my father, he has an obligation to take care of me! Just because I am in relationship with Benny Taylor, I have access to him, his finances, and any resources that he may have!

Now imagine the name Jesus! When we are born again, we enter into relationship with Jesus and we take on his name. Now His name holds the most weight, His name is the name above all names! When we take on the name of Jesus, we have full access to enter into His kingdom. Taking on the name of Jesus is similar to a marriage, because I’ve gone into covenant with Jesus; he is obligated to see about me! When I marry Jesus, I let go of the identity that I had before and identify with who He is! So, everything that he has access to, I now have access to as well. Because of my relationship with Jesus, I have rights to an inheritance and sonship. Taking on His name I am granted 24/7 access to call on Him at any time, day or night! There is power in the name of Jesus and that same power and authority now reigns down on me and I can walk in that same level. There’s a standard and a high level of reverence any time the name of Jesus is mentioned. Demons began to tremble and flee; they have to because of who He is.

The question was asked, “What’s in a name?” Power and authority are in a name and can only be accessed when we take on the name of Jesus! You may ask, well how can I gain access to those things? You can gain access by divorcing who you are labeled to be from birth and entering into covenant with Jesus Christ! Now Walk in it!

~Coach B

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