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The Struggle was Real.

This picture tells a story of how I was about to overcome the rejection that I had battled majority of my life. I am so glad you opposed this question? The Struggle was real. I was battling with low self esteem thinking I wasn't good enough, pretty enough or even worth it. Have you ever been there? Don't get it twisted I was raised in a loving home by my mother who poured in and taught us that we can do anything that we set our minds to. I was still struggling with rejection. My grandmother was my biggest supporter she was my secret holder she was my go-to person on those days that seemed unbearable. But she was also tough on me and at times I didn't understand why? I remember gathering up enough courage to ask her, "Why are you so hard on me grandma?" She began to say because I see so much potential in you Angel that you don't even see in yourself. I began to cry because I didn't because of the battles I was constantly facing. She then said one day you will understand why God chose you for this journey why your pain of feeling rejected had to be so severe.

January 4th, 1995, I lost a part of me when my grandmother passed away. I was lost, I began to cry in my secret place I felt the one person that understood me, who got me, who believed in me and encouraged me and pushed me no matter what was gone. I began to say now what God. I remember hearing a soft steel voice saying you are stronger than you give yourself credit for, so I began to do what I knew best steal away get in my Bible, pray and talk to God. I remember asking God, "Why did you allow me here in this place?" At that moment God was quiet and he didn't answer me right away. When he did, he began to say I allowed it not to hurt you Angel but to make you into be the woman of God that I chose you to be. The tears began to fall even faster and at that moment. I asked how I could overcome this rejection of seeking man’s approval that I want from the world, family and sometimes friends. John 15:16 “you have not chosen me, but I chose you.”

God gave me some specific instructions. First be real with me tell me all about it I can't heal what you won’t release my child. Got to go back in order to move forward. Second ask for forgiveness for your part, and then forgive yourself. Third, I need you to get out of the way. Let me be God to use your story for my glory because your pain pushed you into your rightful purpose I chose you for. To under how Jesus felt being rejected we will often have to be partakers of that rejection as well. Matthew 10:22. I begin to walk in the Authority that God chose me for, I told myself you are ‘So worth it,’ and I begin to speak life in a dead situation. Because God said I could, so can you. Trust your process!!!

Coach Sherise

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