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The Seasons of Life

Sometimes when we encounter life changes, we tend to view them in a more negative way than positive. Change is inevitable and necessary for growth. How we respond to change will determine the outcome. Our lives are full of so many gains, losses, shifts, and elevations, it can be very difficult to adapt to the seasons of life. You must be able to embrace the transformation within yourself that needs to take place during certain seasons in your life. It’s important to be able to identify and understand when seasons of your life begin, end, and when you are between seasons. I know you have heard the saying that some people/things are in your life for a reason and some for a season.

Well, honestly, I did not truly understand this until about 5 years ago. Relationships that I thought would always be significant and long-lasting began to end. I felt so upset, I was angry, bitter, and at times struggled with forgiveness. I just couldn’t understand why and how people could be so fake in my opinion. I begin to pray and ask God to help me get past the hurt and confusion of the actions of people. He began to show me myself first, then clearly revealed to me the reasons why those relationships had to end. I was able to identify and be grateful for the lessons I learned. I also took time to reflect on all the red flags that I chose to overlook.

As I was elevating and becoming better for myself, I realized that I was embarking on a new season that required certain things and people in my life to be removed. I needed to make room for those who I needed to be connected to, those people who were critical to my success and destiny. We all go through the seasons of life, and sometimes they can be a breeze and full of blessing, and other times they can be difficult to push through. The seasons of life represent transition. If I could leave you with some encouragement, it would be something I heard Pastor Dr. Dharius Daniels say. He said “If you can face it for a season, you can leave it for a lifetime. I thought this saying was so profound. Each season you face will not leave you the same, just continue to accept each one with grace, and celebrate all your wins.

Coach K.

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