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  • Sabrina Bordley

The Rejection was Necessary.

As a Minister of the Gospel I am often reminded at how they treated Jesus. And then I begin to contemplate, "if they treated him in such a manner, why do I feel that I am exempt?" The bibles tells us many things concerning rejection. It also provides solutions on how to overcome. But if we could take just a moment to be transparent; rejection hurts.

Now that we have recognized that it hurts, we have to recognize that getting over it, pass it, through it, is not always as easy a reading a passage of scripture or quoting an affirmation.

I have to ask myself, "have I ever had to overcome rejection?" In all honesty, I simply cannot remember. There may have been instances on the playground where I didn't get chosen for kickball. Or when I was not chosen as the line leader, but in my adult life I have been gifted to move pass the "NO", and press toward the "YES!" As an only child I have always gotten what I wanted and as an adult that is most times the case (I married a man who spoils me). I have been turned down for promotions. I have been overlooked for assignments. I have been the last resort for many. But one thing I know and two things for sure, I AM CHOSEN!

Yes, I have been ridiculed, picked on, made fun of, thrown under the bus, but it simply fueled me to be who I am today! My mother always said, "my baby takes no, as not now." Not now does not mean, not ever!!! I hope I just helped you. You may not have the self assurance or the confidence that I possess, but if you keep reading my blogs long enough... YOU WILL!

There is a song that comes to my mind, "I am free, praise the Lord I'm free. I'm no longer bound ain't got no chains holding me..." I used the reject as a reset for my next!

Coach Sabrina B.

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