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  • Kayla Roberson

The Power of a Name and Identity

Your name is the most significant connection to which a person identifies themselves as. It is the way we are recognized by others. It is by a name in which you can get a person’s attention. Our name carries personal, cultural, and historical association. In a sense our name could represent who we are, and where we belong in life. Your name and your identity are immensely powerful. Although other people may give us names and different labels, we choose who we are or who we become. I have learned that my identity and name has changed over these past few years. There have been certain circumstances that have caused me to change who I am and what I answer to. I am now in a place of growth, and certain things that use to resonate with me, do not anymore. Changing my identity was a personal process that has not been easy, but the reward has been much greater than the sacrifice. This came with changing my mindset and letting go of past hurt and failures. I was fed up with listening to the lies of the enemy, constantly trying to tell me who I was, remind me of the mistakes I have made, and who I used to be. I decided that I would no longer engage in any conversation that he tried to bring my way. I started to affirm who I was in Christ and learned to walk in the authority that God has given me. I want to encourage you to not spend any more time not getting to know who they truly are. It is time for a name and an identity change. Remember you already have the victory, through Christ Jesus.

Coach Kayla

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