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“The Joy I felt when I change my mindset.”

For so long I didn’t know what it meant to feel joy. To truly choose joy over whatever I endured. I would feel guilty about good things that were happening for me. I would dummy down my joy, why you asked? Because honestly, I felt like I didn't deserve it. Because I was so stuck in my mind that life will just be okay. I was living, but not existing. At the time not really knowing how to change my mindset to accept the joy God was allowing. As often as we sometimes do, we box God in and do our will, instead of following His will. Honestly, we get comfortable where we are, we accept not truly wanting to feel joy, because we are so used to walking in defeat. You have to be willing to be properly taught how to change our mindset. The only way to feel this joy, you must have a personal relationship with Him (Jesus the Christ).

I remember my oldest son saying to me this year, mom you deserve it why won't you let go and accept it? That question hit home for me. I had to do some soul searching. I laid prostrate and began to cry out to Jesus, I asked him to show me how to change my mindset, and embrace this joy that He was trying to give me. He said to me, “you have shown up for everyone else, now it’s time for Sherise to show up for Sherise and embrace this new change. You will no longer second guess my joy because it has been your strength.” Nehemiah 8:10. I asked God to allow me to fall back in love with my first love which was Christ Jesus, so I could properly love and feel all the joy I was about to embark upon.

In changing my mindset, I was telling myself it is okay to feel and not be afraid to accept the joy that God was bringing into my life. It was okay to choose joy. In 2021 I told myself, “girl you deserve it because you are Beautiful, Bold, successful, and a warrior. I had to tell myself, “the time is now.” I ask you today will you show up for you? You have walked in defeat long enough. Will you allow your mindset to be changed through (Christ Jesus)? Romans 12:2. Will you allow yourself to feel the joy He has been waiting to shower you with? It's time to show up for you!!! Today I chose to walk in the Freedom of the Joy that God says I can have. Owning it!!!!

Coach Sherise

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