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  • Erica Roberts

The Current State of Affairs: It’s Not as Bad As It Looks

I ask the question, what are your present circumstances? How are you handling the problem(s) or situation(s) that may be causing you worry, to be stressed all the way out. Is it a person or thing? Is it good or bad? Well, I’m here to let you know that it’s handled! I come to encourage you to help you get started on changing your situation. Get up, let’s not worry about what tomorrow or next week may need. Let’s start today, right where you are at.

Let’s get started, get up out of that bed and let’s pray, begin to thank God for waking you up and for giving you the strength and the ability to be here another great day that you have never seen before. Second, get out your journal and make a list of your current situations that needs your attention. List them according to importance and availability. Set a goal that is attainable and set a deadline. Focus on the thing that needs your attention, not the problem but focus on the one who can change any situation, the one who can make something out of nothing, the creator of everything. God! See life happens and situations occur but its your attitude that will determine your outcome.

When you wake up with a praise in your heart and a thanksgiving coming from your mouth, it will cause a shift in your current situation. It pleases God when we are joyful and thankful for all that he has done for us. Its all about RELATIONSHIP. Just like your natural relationships with anyone who is connected to you, for it to be something good, it requires communication, love and respect. The same is required when it comes to God, we must talk with him daily, we must love and honor him with all our heart and soul. See when its relational then talking with Him is easy and He is waiting to change our current situation when we ask him. He already knows what’s going on, but He is waiting on you, his child to come and talk to him, and then He will give you the answer to your situation. He wants to empower you to enhance your daily well-being.

The world in which we live in today has many social issues that is affecting the lives of people everywhere, there is poverty, unemployment, unequal opportunities everywhere we look, racism, substandard housing, employment discrimination, abuse, and neglect that can cause us to want to throw in the towel, but there is one key factor, we must and should understand, “We are in this world but not of this world,” the power that we have within us is powerful and if we fully understood the dominion and power that God has given us, then we would begin to look at these issues differently and not let them cause undue emotional distress in our lives.

Key Factor, no matter what your current situation is know that you are living your best life and you are thriving to make it better. Shift your daily habits and focus on the things that are good for your life and watch a change occur. Renew your mind, change the way you think and create a better life for yourself and a life that honors God. If you continue to live as the world and society expects you to live you will have a broken life, BUT GOD, you will live your life to the full, till it overflows with great expectations.

~Coach Erica

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