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The Beauty of Freedom for My Ashes!

See my smile tells a story!! I was once afraid to let my voice be heard. I was ashamed of who I was and my past. So, I allowed the inner critic of fear to keep me locked up in a cage. Fear had crippled me because of word curses I allowed myself and others to speak over me. I had sold my freedom to my pain it was too much to deal with. I had become a product to my environment, enslaved to the fear of really living and knowing my true worth. Have you ever just wanted to hide and never be found? That was me. Not really understanding what the value of my Freedom was truly worth.

One day I decided to talk to God; I was tired of being in that place. I wanted to truly to be free. He said, “I will give you beauty for your ashes.” Isaiah 61:3. I will teach you how to truly be free and know your worth. Jesus said, “I will take all that pain and show you how to fuel it into your divine purpose.” That day I knew my yes meant something and it was about to be a very valuable asset to my freedom.

I begin to pull on my source which was in Christ Jesus. I had to learn to get back to loving me, not allow my fear to enslave me anymore. It wasn't always easy but it was worth it. I, Sherise began to denounce the word curses I and others spoke over me. I begin to silence the inner critic of fear by saying, “I am enough, I am worth it”. I took God out of the box, but what I left in the box was fear, hurt, anger, abandonment, disappointment, and bitterness, because those ashes no longer served a purpose in my life. I was breaking free, so now my smile tells a different story.

Sherise is free, those ashes had to be a part of my freedom to push me into my divine purpose, and you too can be free, just allow God to do it. You have be open, honest and transparent with you first. God gave me my beauty of being free for my ashes. Sherise has rose from the ashes! Now, I am Bold, Beautiful, Fierce, A servant of God so look out, no longer will I ever doubt who I am.

Show up for you and be FREE!

Coach Sherise

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