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Staying High on My Own Supply

I always love to walk in the evenings and as I walked back home one evening, something occurred to me. I've been feeling really good as of late and I was thinking about why this was so? That little spiritual tingle came across me and gave me a major insight! I stopped looking for happiness. Instead, I focused on peace of mind, and happiness came in through the back door.

You see I used to search for happiness through external sources; things I thought would make me happy, but it was always short-lived and it fled fast. Soon after, I would feel empty and alone; even worse than I was before the temporary moment of joy. Every time I looked outward for my high, shortly after, I felt the low. It wasn't until I stopped chasing the highs, when they started looking for me. I've come to find that everything in life comes to you when you stop looking for it. Stop searching for money, peace, love and happiness. Allow it to find you. The key is not to look outward, but rather to look inward. Inner peace is within your grasp at all times. All you need to do is look inside your heart to find it. No matter what the outside circumstances are whether you are angry, anxious, sad or scared. Look inside to find your place of peace and surrender to it.

Wishing it were better only makes it worse. Be at peace with where you are, even if you're feeling the worst. Feel the emotion and embrace it. SCREAM! CRY! WORKOUT, RUN around the block a few times! Let it out. Let it pass. To not feel your emotions is to be void of life.

As soon as you experience it, return back to your place of peace; your home, the place where happiness exists, and emanates from its true essence. Everything else is secondary. If you're able to breathe then you can tap into that bliss.

Yes, you're going to pass through storms, that's a given. But remember, no matter how dark the sky may seem; when you rise above the dark clouds there's a place of peace and serenity. A place called peaceful space. Space exists above the clouds and inside you. Tap into your inner space and get High off your own Supply. By taking some ME time every day, you'll tap into your inner space.

~Coach G

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