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  • Sabrina Bordley

Someone to Love.

Growing up I was reared in the church, but as many of us do, I decided that the outside of the church was more exciting than the inside of the church. Soon I found myself neglecting the love that I once knew looking for what I thought I needed. I hid that love for nine full months. I introduced my love to the world at the age of sixteen.

There is one day in particular that I will never forget, after all the whispers were over and all the speculation had been completed, it was time to take my love to meet my grandparents. My grandfather took one look at my love and said, "that baby looks like one of my children." My grandmother looked at me, and said, "lawd my baby done had a baby, she needed somebody to love." You see Granny didn't say, "somebody to love her", she said, "somebody to love."

We often find ourselves in quite a predicament, but let Auntie help you, love you first and the rest will follow. My son is twenty-two now with no children, no arrest record, and minimal drama (he doesn't tell me everything). I was looking for someone to love. But neglected to realize that I must love me first and then the rest will follow.

Simply remember, that self-love is the most precious gift given to each of us. Preserve it. Protect it. Give it up for no one.

-Auntie B.

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