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  • Sabrina Bordley

Silent Voices Speak

As I sit and reflect on life and its journey I tend to find myself wondering where I would have been if I had not had a voice. There are so many scenarios, situations, and circumstances that we could base today's blog post on but I have decided to focus on the mother who never opens her mouth but is still the loudest voice in the room.

When we talk about motherhood or being a parent in general there are things that we have had to sacrifice to assure that our families are taken care of, but today mom I want you to know that I hear you speaking even when you never say a word. The window to the soul is seen through the gateways of the eyes. On the outside we as women put on a facade that everything is fine when in actuality the shower becomes our haven for a cleansing release of tears, pinned up emotions, and many times frustration.

I Hear You Crying Out!

To that mother reading this right now I want you to think back on the moment when everything you knew had changed. Think back on a time when you received the news that changed your life forever. Think back on the time when you simply said "yes" to you. Now open your mouth and voice how it made you feel. Your feelings matter. We are emotional beings and many times we wear our emotions on our sleeves but I challenge you today to OPEN YOUR MOUTH AND SPEAK!

I Hear You Crying Out! I Hear You Crying Out! You are not alone. I am more than my sister's keeper. I am my sister!!!

-Coach Sabrina B.

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