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Rally for Results

The word rally is defined as, "coming together again in order to continue fighting." The word result is defined as, "the outcome of something." Our blog topic this week focuses on the intrinsic factors required to assure that the outcome that we seek is the outcome that we obtain. Now please keep in mind that when talking about results, what we may desire as the outcome may not be the "real" outcome; nevertheless we move forward.

In life there are decisions that must be made and many times those decisions require a process; a brainstorming session if you will. When I was in college, before writing a paper the professor would advise to take those thoughts that were currently roaming around in our minds and put them on paper. We would draw bubbles and circles and lines and use our highlighters to draw out key points. We would use markers to bring more attention to those ideals that make for a more descriptive or persuasive argument. These are most times the same tactics we use when tackling a situation where the desired results have to be rallied for.

In high school we attended pep rallies. I can remember the excitement that I and my classmates felt when there was a big game approaching and it was time for the pep rally!!! Our reason for coming together was to cheer on the team, to reinforce the idea of a WE WILL WIN attitude, to build comradery amongst the student body; and if for nothing else, to simply be able to get out of class. I said all of that to say this, RALLY FOR YOUR RESULTS!!!

Nothing is life if FREE, everything comes with a price tag. YOU HAVE TO PUT IN THE WORK!!! It may call for late nights and early mornings. It may call for separation from the comfortable and breaking off your relationship with procrastination. It may call for a lost of friends and loved ones. It may call for a total overhaul of your current lifestyle. But the only one who can rally for your results is YOU!!!

It's time to get to work!

Coach Sabrina B.

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