• Kayla Roberson

Rally for Results

Results are a consequence, effect, or outcome of something. Results are what we get when we put in the work. Results can be positive or negative. I have made a conscious choice to intentionally try to draw positive results in every area of my life. This pertains to my relationships (personal and spiritual), my social media, my reading material, and lastly my connection to people. When you want certain results you need to follow the right people and things to get them. Success leaves clues, and you need to make sure that you are in tune to follow them. When you are focused on what type of results you want to see, you then have to start applying the work. You will never see the results if you are not willing to put in the work, and most importantly be committed.

Your commitment will bring the motivation you need to push yourself, and align your actions with the results you want to see. Along the way there will be adversity that will try to hinder and distract you from not seeing the results you want, it’s up to you to push through and keep going. Setting goals to obtain the results you want to see starts with your mindset. Your mindset is essential to what you put in and get out of life. You must be clear on what you want and always think positively. One thing I’ve been intentionally practicing is counting on myself. Often we don’t count on ourselves enough, we look for what we need in other people and not in ourselves. We must remember God has placed everything we need inside of us. We are equipped to do the work and persevere through the things that life throws at us. Honestly, I can be transparent and admit that there have been times that I have let my circumstances overtake my motivation to achieve my goals, and I didn’t see the results that I knew I should have seen. In times like these, we have to pick ourselves up and try it again. Don’t focus on what was, but focus on the now and what is to come. Continue to rally for the results you want to see in your life.

Coach K

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