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  • Erica Roberts

Protecting your Peace, Set Boundaries "You will thank me later!"

You must love yourself enough to protect you. In order to live a productive life there must be boundaries. Boundaries create trust and build healthy relationships. Not allowing people to pile their issues and problems on you will free you of some unwanted moments of depression and anxiety. Some people may not like it when you begin to set boundaries and their limited access to pile their problems on you and that's ok but, they will respect you for standing up for what you believe in. Setting boundaries, not allowing people to cross that line will also generate peace and joy in relationships.

When it comes to romantic relationships, setting boundaries is very important when

It comes to joining two lives together and if you establish the lines not to cross in the beginning then you can minimize some of the conflict that is sure to arise in a relationship. Communication is one of the most important key factors that helps to maintain a balance between you and your partner. They also help minimize conflict, because they establish a precedent for what you both expect from each other.

When you're clear about your boundaries, people will understand your limits and know what you are and aren't OK with, and they'll adjust their behavior. The people who don't respect your boundaries are ones you may not want in your life. Healthy boundaries can also help you: Build greater self-esteem.

Without healthy boundaries, people will try to run over you and start creating feelings of resentment to make you give in to them so that you will feel too vulnerable to create other meaningful connections, but instead stand your ground. When it comes to drawing the line and taking control of your emotional feelings it lets others know that you are choosing to take action that protects you and it stops you from pushing people away that may be a part of your destiny.

When it comes to setting boundaries you will need to focus on your emotions, thoughts, and reactions and let go of anyone or anything that is ineffective in your life or anything that comes against you to keep you stuck. Take responsibility for your own wants and needs and don't leave it up to someone else to meet your needs. Seek out what you need only from those who are willing and able to give to you freely.

Reset Daily each and everyday is a day you've never seen before , stay true to yourself, nobody can beat you being you, set boundaries, don't allow the opinions of others to dictate who you are, use discernment, don't ignore the Spirit, the Holy Spirit will guide you and lead you to all truth, forgive others, forgiveness is for you and not the one that offended you, trust the process, have patience, trust the process, protect your mental health, God knew you before you were formed in your mother's womb and walk by faith not by sight, God is there with you, He will never leave nor forsake you.

~Coach Erica

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