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Not a Death Sentence (Open your eyes)

Why do we keep our eyes closed when we see cancerous traits? I had to ask myself this question, is it because of the love we have for them, or the big hearts we are born with. John 10;10 states for the thief comes not, but to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. That is what cancer does: it steals your body; it tries to rob you of your faith and hope. But we must recognize the traits one may possess regardless of how much we care and love them.

Before I understood who Sherise really was and that it was ok to say no and recognize the cancerous traits, I took a lot, I saw a lot but was too afraid to say anything because I didn’t want to be alone. Or have anyone mad at me. Felt if I called it out I would excel from family and friends. In actuality the cancer was killing me because I wouldn’t speak on the traits. I couldn’t blame anyone but me. Because I wouldn’t open my eyes to what God was showing me. Not to destroy or hurt anyone we have to call out those traits to save their life. But it took me years to get here. Why? Because at one point. I didn't even understand my own cancerous traits. I had to recognize my issues before I could help someone, I needed to stop my bleeding on myself and others. I understood why I allowed and accepted the traits because I was halt between two opinions. Wanting God but not being willing to come out from among them. It was until God said enough is enough either you're going to do my will or die.

At that moment I repented and asked God to give me Holy Bonus to recognize the cancerous traits. To call it out. In spite of it may be, or how they are connected to me. If it's wrong, call it out. I had to learn that I would rather be beaten by man than God. We have to realize the love we have for our family and friends has to be so real, not biased that we call out the cancerous traits that we see. Because the calling out may just be what saves their life. I had to be ok if no one liked it or accepted the calling out when God said to do it. Even if they didn't talk to me anymore, or rejected me and even scandalized my name. That is OK. Because Jesus said if they did it to me, they will do it to you. But call it out because in calling it out, it just may be the very thing that saves their lives. Don’t allow the cancerous traits to be your death sentence, open your eyes and call it out regardless of who it is. There is power in your tongue, speak life. By realizing the cancerous characteristics that are trying to kill, steal, and destroy you. Call it out be ok if they walk away.

-Coach Sherise

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