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  • Sabrina Bordley

My Soul is at Stake.

When we think about the idea of soul ties we immediately think of sexual acts which is one of the many forms of soul ties. But do not be deceived there are many different forms of soul ties. Marriage, business, sex and friendships are all forms of soul ties. A soul tie is formed when a person has played a "strong role in and influence on a persons life for such a long time that a deep bond or tie was formed. That bond may not have necessarily ended when the relationship did"( I have found that in life those soul ties have led to trauma bonds simply because the person held a deep rooted influence on another's life. Let me take this a step further and provide an example.

There was a young man whom I became acquainted with that found himself in an unhealthy relationship and began to take on the characteristics of his partner. The manner in which this took place is simply because the partner had a stronger hold than the young man had anticipated therefore he found himself suffering from depression, suicide and anxiety. That young man still suffers from some of those symptoms to this day because the bond has yet to be broken. There are also positive aspects of soul ties such as the friendships that are mutually respected. Business connections that turn a lucrative profit for both parties and a marriage that is built on the idea of the three strand cord.

Be aware of what is taking place when connecting with those who have same, similar or direct opposite character traits. Do be too anxious to link up. Take a moment to evaluate the acquaintance before you jump directly into a relationship. It is ok to court a person first!

-Coach Sabrina B.

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