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  • Bennecia Taylor

My Place, My Peace.

Have you ever found yourself sitting in a place of awe? A place so pure, that no matter what happens, you remain unmoved. A place so pure, that no matter what happens, your emotions remain stabilized. A place SO PURE, that no matter what happens, your mind is not constantly in battle. I often find myself in this place. Not because of anything I’ve done, but because of what I’ve allowed to be done within me.

This place is a place of sincerity, a place of freedom, and a place of strength.

For so long the place that I lived in was polluted. Polluted with fumes of the funk I chose to live in. Fumes of frustration, fear, shame, doubt, and even depression. My mind was a landfill of waste from my past, that I allowed to pile up over time. The toxicity of it all, almost cost me my sanity. But God!

This place that I now live in, is my place of peace! Not that everything is perfect, but when things aren’t, I have the power to be…. Steadfast and immovable. When I realized what peace was for me, my place could no longer be contaminated. The strongholds have been lifted.

I am no longer my mind

I am no longer my will!

I am no longer my emotions!

And neither are you! In this place, the air is clear and you are free to be who God has purposed you to be! Clean up your place, you’ll breathe better!

Coach B.

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