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Love Isn't Supposed to Hurt.

The foundation of love requires a proper lay out. When there is a disconnect, it becomes difficult to not only give love, but also to receive love. As I think back to my foundation it was a little shaky. Growing up I was given what was needed from my mother and my step father, but the one that I thought would love me the most, violated me; which rocked me to my core. My biological father was supposed to love me unconditionally, he was supposed to protect me from the world, but instead he molested me. Instead of loving me, he penetrated my soul with a struggle that took me many years to work through.

I began to look for love in all the wrong places and in all the wrong people. Seeking to fill a void that I encountered at the tender age of seven. I struggled with insecurities and constantly asking myself, “why would somebody want to love someone like me?” At the age of 18 I fell in love with someone that I thought would properly love me back. Yet again it rocked my foundation, causing me to become bitter, angry and even question God. “Why did you allow me to even be born?” I thought love wasn't supposed to hurt.

I went into a shell and I told God that I no longer believed in love. Nine years later I heard him say, “If you cry out to me my child, I will heal you, I will reconnect the foundation of love which is in me Christ Jesus.”

A proper foundation is required in spite of what we may face and endure in life. It may seem rocky in the beginning but just allow God to do the work required to heal you from the inside out.

-Auntie Sherise

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