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Living In Alignment

Updated: Aug 1

Alignment is defined as correct or appropriate relative positions and a position of agreement or alliance. So, when we are in alignment with something or someone, we are in agreement with them or their position. There really isn’t any gray area, it’s a straight line of understanding and agreement.

When looking at the word alignment, I was also reminded of the car maintenance term “front end alignment”. When a car needs a front-end alignment, the signs are that the vehicle pulls to one side, uneven or rapid tire wear, the steering wheel is crooked when driving straight, and there are squeaky tires. All of that concludes that the front end of the car isn’t in alignment. The most important part of the care isn’t in position or agreement, so the rest of the car pulls and tears. The front end of the car has one purpose and that is to guide the rest of the car!

Living in alignment with our lives is the same way! We are much like cars, out of whack when our front alignment isn’t done. Much like the body of vehicles our bodies are to be in alignment with the spirit, but if we don’t take the time to get a checkup, we are pulled to and fro, with rapid wear and tear! Our purpose is to live according to the word of God, and when we are in agreement with the word, those that are behind us and follow us have no choice but to fall in line as well! I shared all of that to say that we are charged to live in alignment and our position in the spirit realm has to be in agreement with God!

You may ask, well how can I live in alignment? Seek after God and his word and allow Him to minister to you! As you do that He will begin to lead and guide you in the way that you should go! This was the most important lesson that I had to learn, but once I grabbed ahold of God my life completely changed! But the most important thing is to stop in for your check ups regularly!

It’s time for a check up,

~Coach B

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