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  • Kayla Roberson

Let My Freedom Ring!

Freedom is having the self –determination to achieve unlimited potential without constraints. It is having the ability to act or change your own thoughts and internal conversations. Freedom is accepting the things that you have endured in life, but not allowing those things to keep you bound to them. If I were to be completely transparent, I have not been walking in true freedom within myself. For the longest time I have been allowing my own personal grief and trauma to keep me from living a life of inner freedom. I have lived my life feeling like my inner freedom was something that I could not experience until I reached a certain level or place in my life.

This way of thinking was so extremely far from the truth. I had to identify some things internally, starting with my relationship with myself. Learning to control me against me, is a constant battle that you must work at daily. I had to stop self-sabotaging myself and operate in my full potential. Having freedom within means you choose what you give your attention and energy to. It is your way of choosing how to respond to life challenges.

We must take captive of our thoughts. Although a thought pops in your head, it does not mean you have to believe it or act on it. Do not give it any power to manifest, you should automatically replace it with a positive thought. I want to encourage you to be in control of your inner critic, it is constantly running in the background of your conscious mind, and it influences your personal beliefs about yourself.

If your personal thoughts about yourself are critical or negative your peace, and emotional state of mind will suffer. This will cause you to never experience true personal freedom within. I have taken a stand to maintain and walk in my freedom, Despite my circumstances. I am choosing to let freedom ring in every aspect of my life and so should you.

Coach Kayla

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