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It’s ok to say “NO”

No is a complete sentence. That needs no explanation. This is something I struggled with most of my life, saying no. I would talk a good game and say, “oh I’m not doing it,” but turn around and do it. Why? because I was afraid of losing people and things? I didn’t like hurting people’s feelings. I remember one day my Grandmother Lucy Mae said, “Angel you're going to learn some damn sense. Stop allowing people to run over you.” Boy did I cry because grandma had called me out. It would take years before I would understand its ok to say no with no explanation.

As young as my kids was, they would even say, “Ma why do you allow people to keep miss treating and using you?” I would tell them to stay in a child's place but wonder why my heart kept breaking time and time again. Just because God gave me a big heart didn’t mean everyone was to have access to it. But I didn’t know how to say no and mean it. I allowed so many to cross the line and put a muzzle on my mouth. Why so you ask? Because I was so afraid to lose their love or friendship. I was so busy wanting to be accepted even when God would say no that I begun losing me by being sick, worrying how others would feel about me, blood pressure sky high in and out of the hospital because I allowed so many to cross that line. If I was them, I would have taken advantage of me too. Hell, I did by not setting healthy boundaries. What changed? January 2021, I begin to seek change and chose me. Under Embrace You Solution by Master Life Coach, Mechelle Canady. I learned in this new journey I was Embracing that “NO” was a complete sentence. I learned how to set healthy boundaries and how to be ok, if no one understood them, as long as I did; that is ok to let go and understand the seasons people are placed in your life. Some are a reason, a season and a lifetime. It’s ok to choose you. 2021 was that year I was tired of repeating lessons God was giving me so I prayed because I wanted better for Sherise in the now! I am ok with saying No now regardless of how they feel or view me; because it’s ok to say no. Why are you burning yourself out to be accepted? Think about it, if you leave here, they will cry, bury you, and party, and still being doing the same thing. So chose you knowing its ok to say no - With no explanation!

Coach Sherise White

John 15:16 Chosen

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