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It’s in the Apology

Often we find ourselves blaming others or justifying why things are the way they are in our lives. When sometimes, it simply boils down to us taking accountability for our own choices and the things we have allowed to take place. Yes, I understand that there are times when things happen to us that are not our fault, and you may not have any control over them. Even in this case, it’s still our responsibility to be able to process what happened, find your healing and move forward.

One thing that I came to terms with was that it’s my responsibility to take care of myself. When I say take care of me, most people automatically think physically, although that is true, other areas are just as important. A person’s spiritual and mental health plays a major role in their happiness, and the ability to grow and change. I recently did some self-inventory within myself and in that time I was led to apologize to myself. I needed to apologize to my true authentic self. I apologized for all the years of letting the thoughts and feelings of people around me overpower who I was. It wasn’t about being a good or bad person, because I know I’m a good person and my motives toward others are pure. My downfall was living a life of no boundaries.

A life without boundaries can lead to feeling like you’re locked inside yourself and can’t get out. I apologized to myself for not accepting my flaws and trusting that God made me, and my flaws are tied to my purpose, but at the same time, they make me who I am. Some people want to put on this persona that we’re perfect all the time, which is not true. I’ve learned over the years how to embrace my flaws and shortcomings. My freedom came through my apology. So I encourage you today, to take some time to perform your self-inventory, and see what things you may need to apologize to yourself for so you can move forward and be the best version of yourself.

Coach Kay

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