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  • Bennecia Taylor

Is Anyone Listening?

I am speaking, but no one is listening. Why is it that the silent cries are the cries that go most unnoticed? Even though we refer to them as silent, to me those are the cries that appear to be the loudest. But typically no one hears them…..

About three years ago, I experienced the worst break up, I felt I had ever experienced in my life. I had been dating someone who decided to cheat with multiple people, but it all came out at one time. As you can imagine, I was devastated because I felt as though truly loved that person. You would think that to the natural eye, you could visibly see that I was upset, but someone would have to look much deeper to see and hear my silent cries. Nothing changed with my daily routine; I still went to work and handled my responsibilities as if there was absolutely nothing wrong. I showed up for what I needed to show up for and nothing else mattered to me. It took so much to hold myself together and I would often wonder if anyone could see past the façade I displayed!

I went from someone who would normally hang out and chat with coworkers, to heading straight to my car once I was off. I went from talking and texting on the phone to either placing my phone on silent or completely turning it off. Not returning calls or messages nearly as quickly as I used to. I would lock myself in the bathroom or my room and cry my eyes out days at a time. I was speaking but no one was listening. I was crying out but no one was listening, no one was hearing me! I felt alone, and I wished that someone was in tune enough to hear me! I isolated myself, but in that isolation is when God began to deal with me. He revealed to me; that I was in the situation that I was because He was speaking and I wasn’t listening. I was relying on people to hear (see) me that I failed to realize God hears and sees all. Once I recognized that, God was able to speak to my mind, will and emotions. My attention was so wrapped up in other people that I missed HIM speaking! And He was speaking loud and clear!

In those times when you feel as if no one is listening, remember that God is constantly! When we allow ourselves to get so wrapped up in other things and people, we miss God! We tend to look for others to listen, even when we cry out silently. When we tune our ear to God’s voice, we are able to hear clearly! And God is able to mend and clean up whatever it is that may be broken. I encourage you to sit still and listen for God’s voice, He is always listening!

God is speaking, are you listening?

~Coach Bennecia

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