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  • Sabrina Bordley

Invite Only.

Webster's Dictionary defines boundaries as, "something that indicates or fixes a limit or extent." In other words, please do not enter into my personal space without an invitation. When we were younger, do you all remember when we would draw a line in the dirt and the first one who crossed the line was ready for the fight?? Although I was never a fighter, I was a faithful spectator...SMH!!! I find that now in our adult life we tend to allow people, places and things to enter into our space without authorization or an invitation.

Boundaries are set in order to keep negativity out and positivity in. But don't be fooled, many times what we consider positivity disguises itself and is ultimately a package of poisonous venom seeking to suck the very life out of your NOW! Boundaries provide restrictions as well as requirements. Let's take the example of Facebook friend requests, when we see a suspicious name that we cannot pronounce our immediate reaction is to decline the request and in many cases block the user. Other requests are sent for friendship and the following takes place; we look at the profile picture, the cover photo, scroll the timeline and realize that this person only has one mutual friend and nothing else in common; DECLINE.

Some of you need to press the decline button all those attributes or characteristics that do not line up with your purpose. Some of you need to press the BLOCK button and set the notification link as INVITE ONLY! Now let me bring this point home. When you create a Facebook group, you have the option to make that group public or private. Public access allows any and everyone to join. When the group is private, only those who are invited are able to partake in the information, activities and salutations. As a matter of fact, once the group becomes PRIVATE it will not be able to become PUBLIC again. CATCH THAT IN THE SPIRIT!!!

Set your group as PRIVATE, turn on your notifications as INVITE ONLY and keep your hand on the BLOCK trigger!

-Coach Sabrina B.

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