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In This Place.

I have been in some dark places in my life and I know how God heals. I want to share this message of encouragement with you. First I want you to remember that everything hoped for in constant faith, shall come to pass. Speak it! Believe it! Receive it, in your heart, and know that every day of your life, is a day victory. In this place there is a voice that speaks within us all and it is there to guide us in times of pain, feeling lost, hurt, sorrow and loss; times when nothing seems clear and the journey seems so long. Know that in this place, this voice is a part of your soul speaking to you and when you allow quiet time you can hear the messages that will give you the strength to carry on and guide you onward. This voice gives us love and support continuously as needed.

We are never alone in this world for a greater love holds us in his hands and shapes our lives when allowed into our hearts to speak. Things will come to discourage you and try to get you to give up; but no matter how difficult the path may seem, never quit, and never give up! There is something special to be said about moving faith forward. Spirit gives a definition for the word faith in a way no dictionary can do. Faith is your supernatural power in which you can expect the answers to come forth. I want you to move in faith. God gifted you faith; you already have in you what it takes to see all come to pass, all we have to do is listen to the voice inside. Have faith, believe it and stand on it!

Coach Sharon

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