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I'm just going with the flow...

is a term that we use very often. It's a colloquialism that has become common throughout many generations. Going with the flow many times is used in referenced to not really knowing or being unsure of an outcome. There is no real clear plan but by allowing things to happen brings comfort to many of us during times of uncertainty. That is exactly what faith requires. Faith requires simply being able to trust that what is about to happen was supposed to happen. We pray and wait; we don't worry.

I have a t-shirt that reads, "living in my whatever you say God season" and that my friends is exactly where I stand, sit, lay, and rest my head. Resting in the assurance that whatever He does or does not do, it will all be for my good; I'm in between seasons. In a season of being not quite sure what to think, but seeking counsel for how to move. In a season of, "this is very uncomfortable", but I have to simply trust the plan. In a season of "I surely wish I had", but waiting for my appointed time; God's blessings add no sorrow!

With all those in betweens, all the I don't knows, all the having to waits, I am assured of this one thing...that I shall reap, if I faint not!!! You may be simply going with the flow. You may be in between seasons. You may even be right where you are supposed to be, but where ever you are BE ANXIOUS FOR NOTHING!!!

I'm praying for you,

Coach Sabrina B.

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