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I Apologize

What a phrase. Two words that are so important to mending relationships that are not used to its full potential. When you say “I apologize “it’s a formal way of saying you are sorry. Sorry for hurting someone, or causing trouble, sorry for not defending yourself, sorry for allowing you to abuse me both mentally and physically, sorry that I didn’t see you over there and you thought that I ignored you. There are so many reasons to apologize but because of pride, hurt feelings, misunderstandings, not communicating, these two words are not in your heart to express.

How do you feel when you don’t get an apology when someone has wronged you? What are your actions towards that person and how do you get over not getting an apology? What steps do you take to make the situation better or worse?

It takes strength to apologize, but not as much as we think. It’s simple, apologize so that you can be free from anything that may hold up your blessings. It’s freedom in apologizing even if you feel as though you didn’t do anything to be treated unfairly. Freedom comes in knowing that you are not letting the situation consume you. Free yourself and apologize, don't let two cents worth of dirt cause you miss a blessing. God will get the glory and through your obedience you will walk in a peace that only comes from God!

Just Do It! It won't cost you anything to be the bigger person.

~Coach Erica

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