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I Apologize

For the times I was so hard on myself, I apologize.

For the times I wanted to give up and throw in the towel, I apologize.

For the times I felt like a failure, I apologize.

For the times I answered to what everyone else called me, I apologize.

For the times I did what they wanted me to do, instead of what I knew to be true, I apologize.

I APOLOGIZE to myself for not seeing the value in ME! For too long, I was okay with just existing. I didn’t put me and what was important to me first. I felt since I wasn’t where I thought I should have been at different times in my life, I was a failure. I apologize for putting my dreams and aspirations on the back burner because I thought everyone else’s needs were more important than mine. For holding on to relationships, far longer than I should have because in the end I ended up more hurt than anything. I apologize for not being my best self!

So today with my head held high, I boldly shout that I am so very proud of you, you’ve endured a lot of things over the last few years but you’ve also overcome! You’ve’ overcome in your forgiveness and its ok to move forward. You have done more than enough for everyone else and now it’s your turn. No longer will you blame yourself for the things that were out of your control. Everything that’s coming to you, you absolutely deserve! Don’t run from it, embrace it! Stop second guessing yourself and walk confidently in who God called you to be.

Friends, I encourage you to apologize, forgive yourself and move forward. You are not who you used to be or even who they wanted you to be! You are so much more than that! Look in the mirror, apologize, forgive, and let it go! I guarantee once you do so, you will feel so much better!

Apologetically yours,

~Coach B~

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