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High On Sherise (Grade A Supply)

This product I am about to tell you about. Will make you want to say I am Grade A as well. I am high off of a supply that took me (Sherise) years to get to ‘My Self-Worth. ‘The grade A stands for accepting me for me. Years I struggled with knowing who I was or even my worth. I always felt like I needed people to validate me, even down played who I was to make others feel inferior over me. Years I allowed this never thinking my ideas was good enough, or the vision God would say just write it, I will make it plan. I would question God now who is going to listen to someone like me. Why am I so glad you asked? Fear had crippled me.

Yes, I know 2 Timothy 1:7 For God has not given us the spirit of fear: but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. How did I begin to get high on Sherise, my grade A supply? I was tired of God beating the hell out of me for my disobedience. I got at Jesus' feet and began to seek him like never before. I shut down to truly hear so I could denounce fear and walk through the door of getting high on Sherise. I begin to open my eyes to truly see my worth and understand why my supply was so important. But I begin to do what I knew how to do best Pray and Praise, which lead me to understand why I had to break free from fear. January 2020, I showed up for myself and no one else. I said girl your oil cost now do not disappoint our Daddy (God). At that moment a rebirth was happening I told myself I am Embracing the Embrace of this high. Now that Sherise knows her Self-Worth there is no stopping her.

I am Bold, Beautiful and Fierce. Often tried to be imitated but I can never be duplicated. So now that I understand My Worth no one will ever take it away again. So now I tell myself. “If no one shows up to celebrate with me, I will celebrate myself. If no one claps for me. I will clap for myself. If no one loves on me. I will love on myself.” Self-love conquered this fear and caused me to stay high on Sherise. ‘This Grade A Supply’ Caused, She2Rise. Jesus gave me Beauty for my ashes. You too can have the same ‘Grade A’ Supply of knowing your Self-Worth; all you gotta do is Believe and show up for yourself. Let's get high on our supply of Self-worth knowing you are so worth it.

Coach Sherise

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