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Healing the Mind, Body & Spirit

"And Jesus said unto the centurion, Go thy way; and as thou hast believed, so be it done unto thee. And his servant was healed in the selfsame hour."

Matthew 8:13, KJV

One of the major precepts of healing we are taught is that the only person we can heal is ourselves and this is achieved through a change in perception and through the acquisition and application of knowledge and understanding and acceptance. Without it there can be no healing, be it of mind, body or spirit. In healing oneself we are given the opportunity to learn the lessons necessary that enable us to help others to heal themselves. In truth, every Spiritual practitioner is a facilitator of knowledge and understanding regardless of the degree of expertise they have achieved, for self-healing it is much more about changing our perception which in return changes a physical condition, for one is a prerequisite for the other. As co-creators we give meaning to the experiences we live through; this is why there is no standard response to any given situation or experience. People feel and deal with things differently and a change in perception leads to a change of values, and a growing understanding of what’s happening and why.

The healing process may still be physically or emotionally painful but it becomes a pain with purpose and meaning as through this change in perspective we recognize it for what it is, working through it in order for it to be healed, released, and let go of. Regret is the one who is always lagging behind; it tries to get us to turn back, to turn around and focus on the past. It constantly reminds us of whom and what we once were, regret like a scornful parent is ever dismissive of what we have achieved, how far we have traveled, the changes we have made and the person we have become. Regret tells us that the Success and Happiness we seek has to be earned and we do not deserve it because of who we are and the mistakes we have made and therefore hinders our healing process. Fear unrestrained runs ahead of us, it lays in wait ready to jump out and sabotage our progress when we least expect it. Fear creates the illusion of barriers where none exist in the spirit realm and leads us to believe that our path is fraught with hazards and pitfalls, with every concealing danger ready to bring any progress to a premature end.

Through the power of our thoughts our psychology becomes our biology and directly affects our health and well being. Every thought will find a way to express itself; thoughts that if sustained will go on to create our beliefs and eventually the reality we experience in our healing. By healing ourselves, we are opening up the healing pathway to all as we teach and share the knowledge of true Spiritual healing, that every person on this planet inherited from the day of their birth.

Coach Sharon

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