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  • Bennecia Taylor

He Broke Me.

The breaking point! What does that look like? When we think of being broke or broken, the first thing that comes to mind is being in a tough place. A place that may not feel so good and seems as if everything has fallen apart and you have absolutely no clue of how things will be put back together. A space where no one would like to be, I know I didn’t! But, when God does the breaking, being in that place is completely different. That’s where the blessing comes in!

Over the last year, I ran full speed ahead from my breaking process. Every time I felt that I was tapping on those areas I had to be vulnerable with, I ran. Every time someone said something or did something to have me deal with those areas, I ran. I would go to God, and then I would get instructions and still run. I wouldn’t allow myself to be still for too long, because then I would be forced to think about it. The more I ran, the heavier the load became.

Thinking, that’s just life happening, right? I had it fixed in my head that I would just do the best I could and when I was able to get myself together, I’d submit to God fully. I wasn’t doing anything wild and crazy, but I was completely doing what I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it. I was so caught up in how much of a mess (I thought) I was, that I didn’t believe God could use me how He desired. That’s so far from the truth! If we take a stroll through the bible, there’s not one person that God used who was perfect. As a matter of fact, a person’s imperfections are what qualifies them the most to be used. If we don’t give God the pieces to work with, then how can He fix it?

What I thought disqualified me, actually overqualified me. In that broken place, is the best place for God to do His best work! He broke me all the way down to my knees by forcing me to sit down and DEAL WITH IT! Believe me, I did just that! How? I took time to concentrate solely on my relationship with God. One of the most important things I could’ve done, was to unplug from my distractions and plug into the ultimate source. What if the changes you experience, while being broken, will benefit your life in a way that you could never imagine? I encourage you to trust the process of being completely broken before God and allow Him to rebuild every piece of you. Submitting to the breaking causes deliverance, breakthrough, peace, and freedom to be released. I’m walking in my blessing each and every day and so can you! If you are bold enough to pray for it, be desperate enough to go through it!

There’s a Blessing, In The Breaking

-Coach B

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