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Hallelujah Anyhow

As I sit and begin to think in retrospect, God has been mighty good to me! This place that I am in currently is called, UNCOMFORTABLE!!! When I say He is pushing me outside of my normal routine, not allowing me to become complacent. Causing me to seek His face even more. Not providing me the opportunity to make any excuses. Not accepting what is mediocre or mundane. Keeping me in an unsettled place as He continues to remind me that, "this is only temporary." Whew....what more can I say? I think you get the picture...but even in this I still have not lost my HALLELUJAH!!!

The life of Ministry is not for the faint at heart. We are still human and feel just like everyone else. We are not supernatural beings able to automatically denounce wicked imagination, but we take time to pray and cast them down through the power and the authority of the Holy Spirit. And even in the midst of not just simply "going through" but in the midst of simply not knowing what is about to happen next, ultimately tends to ignite fear. And even in that emotion, we have to be reminded that we have not been given the spirit of know the rest!!! But I still have not lost my HALLELUJAH!!! Because, MY HALLELUJAH BELONGS TO HIM!!!

Don't lose your HALLELUJAH!!!

Coach Sabrina B.

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