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Girl Let it Go!

That statement many times is easier said than done. Trust me, I speak from experience. You see, we as women tend to hold on for so long until it becomes a part of who we become not who we are authentically. The root of hurt stems from the first time you felt triggered as a child or as an adult. We must be mindful to not exude our idiosyncrasies on to others as our ancestors before us did us. One must find a since a PEACE and overwhelming joy when attempting to LET IT GO!

Now don't get me wrong, LETTING IT GO and LETTING THEM GO are not easy and it will come with some work and the most important of all FORGIVENESS! Letting it go means to completely surrender the situation over to BE RELEASED. Most times when we get to that point we have done all that we can to assist, protect, hold on to, and/or covet but nothing seems to work and therefore the only alternative is to LET IT GO!!! I've found that the struggle lies within and does not come from the outside. The right to walk in freedom is yours! It's time for you to take back what rightfully belongs to you and stand firm on the foundation of knowing that YOU ARE MORE THAN IT AND THEREFORE HAVE THE POWER TO LET THEM GO!!!

Coach Sabrina B.

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