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Girl Let It Go

Sis...There are seasons in your life when things may not go the way you think it should go. There will be a person or people who may say some things that hurt your feelings, cause a family rift, and you may never see or speak to them again because of what they may have said or done. You may never get that apology you deserve. You may never get the opportunity to let them know how they made you feel. Sis...let it Go!!!! For some people to say I’m sorry is to say that I did something wrong is impossible, admitting that they did something wrong is not possible, even when they know it was wrong, and even when they feel bad about doing it.

So sometimes, the best thing to do is to love them from a distance. Forgive yourself for allowing them to make you feel some type of a way other than love and appreciated. Sis let them go...if they can't recognize the gift you are then they don't deserve to be a part of your life. Sis. let it go and breathe. You are wonderfully created and Jesus loves and adore you. Sis...let it go and live your best life. Protect your happiness. Girl let it go!!! You are worth it, to live life in abundance, to become everything God has created you to be!!! Hello Beautiful, it's time to live.

~Coach Erica

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