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  • Sabrina Bordley

Freedom to Live!

I have reached a point not a plateau. I have found myself while shedding off a lot of dead layers. Layers of being misunderstood. Layers of having to conform to the rules of others all while trying to march to their beat. I found my own band and began to beat my own drum and it feels, smells, sounds and taste just like FREEDOM!

I am now in a place of joy and contentment. But allow me to help those who will read this today and the days to come, it is not a place of complacency nor will I remain comfortable here, right now I am coasting and seeking God for clarity. My freedom arrived when I embraced the real and true meaning of my purpose. I was called to speak to the masses of women and men who find themselves in the marketplace loving God without shame or confliction. I am called to those who still like rap, trap and hip hop. I am called to those who were unwed with children, in the church and still trying to maintain a street persona along with a Christlike demeanor. I do realize that this may be a bit too raw, I make no apologies because that is what FREEDOM feels, smells, sounds, looks and taste like to me.

I am no longer bound by the traditions and the mandates of others. When God speaks, I move; end of story. It took me 38 years to get here and I am not going back. I implore you to find your place in this ever changing world of trends, fashion faux pas, and social media hacks. Find you and become confident in knowing that YOU ARE FREE TO DANCE, FREE TO MOVE, FREE TO LIFT YOUR HANDS!!!


Coach Sabrina B.

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