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  • Sabrina Bordley

Forgiveness Freed Me!

As I am traveling through this road called life, I have found that the only real way to be free is to not only ask for forgiveness but to also forgive. As a Minister of the Gospel, I have learned that humility when used in the proper setting will open the doors of opportunity that no one person, place or thing can close.

Let me tell you a true story.

I have been in my current Ministry for 19 years, with no intention on leaving unless the Lord says otherwise. Each encounter with the Christ became stronger and stronger, but there was still something that kept me from walking fully in my calling; unforgiveness.

There was a young lady that I needed to ask to forgive me and year after year I neglected to follow the instructions of the Holy Spirit. Yes you read it right, year after year (my God is longsuffering). But this year He said, "today is the day". I moved accordingly and felt a sense of relief; that was only the beginning.

As God continued to speak, I continued to listen. He then reminded me of a situation that happened over 20 some odd years ago, that I still had not asked for forgiveness (don't tell me the Lord won't bring all things back to your remembrance). I called the individual and as my grandmother used to say, "I begged pardon." I sincerely requested that they forgive me for past hurts and confrontations. They were a bit confused, maybe even a little concerned, but I was FREE!!!

I am now FREE to lift my hands, FREE to speak and live in my truth, FREE to move forward in my assignment without condemnation and guilt, FREE to love unconditionally and ultimately apologize whether wrong or right!

My desire for you, after reading this message is that you go to that person(s) and not only ask for forgiveness but allow yourself to be open enough to forgive them.

I guarantee you will feel a whole lot better! Both of those young ladies forgave me and if I cross paths with them ever again, my smile, my embrace and my conversation will be pure and without disdain.

I love you,

Auntie B.

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